Work Confidently with IMU Sensors

Easily Run Sensor Fusion in the Cloud

Start processing IMU data from your browser today using advance sensor fusion algorithms.
Easily get motion outputs like tilt angle or yaw, pitch, and roll angles. Use Engine to:

1. Upload Your Data (or use a sample)

2. Validate Motion Using Interactive Plot

3. Run Sensor Fusion Engine

4. Download Results

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Multiple Sensor Fusion Engines Available

Slope | Grade

Angle or Percentage

Tilt | Incline

XY Inclination Angles

3D Attitude | AHRS

Euler Angles

Benefits of Cloud Computing
Brought to Motion Sensing Projects

Analyze Faster

Spend less time installing library dependencies

Improve Accuracy

Batch processing enables better accuracy than real-time

Use Best Available Software

Never worry about updating device firmware

Eliminate Guesswork from Sensor Configuration

Simply reprocess data to keep up with shifting requirements